How can I start earning Interest with Vault?

At Mudrex, we aim to simplify Crypto investing for everyone. We have built Vault to provide our investors with the safest crypto investment solution that delivers a stable fixed return.

User's can now get a daily interest based on the current value of their Vault investments. The interest gets credited to the user's Vault balance directly.

Here’s what makes Vault so awesome:

  1. Earn stable and secure returns of up to 10% annually

  2. Interest is credited automatically every day

  3. Built on an ecosystem of trust and security

  4. Withdraw funds anytime. No fees and lock-in.

Ready to start your first Vault Investment with us? Simply follow the steps stated below:

Step 1:

Click on Vault and proceed with your Investment!



Step 2:

Enter the amount and click on '' Invest Now ".



And your investment will be completed instantly.


Compounding interest is a significant feature of Vault, which means that the interest you earn every day is automatically re-invested.

Congrats, on your journey to the 'Mudrex'perience!

For any other query, please raise a ticket!


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