I am unable to withdraw the profit earned via Coin Sets. Why?

Minimum Bank Withdrawable Balance is 5$. So, if your profit earned is below 5$, you will not be able to withdraw the same.


I have earned 5$ or more than 5$ profit via Coin Sets and the same is showing in my non - withdrawable funds. Why? How can I withdraw?

Even if you earn a profit of 5$ and you redeem the profit portion, it would be shown under non- withdrawable balance. This is because the profit earned is below your reward amount.

To withdraw your reward profit, you need to make sure you redeem all your investment to withdraw your profit portion as your- Total balance should be greater than the Reward balance (though the minimum bank withdrawal limit is set as 5 USDT)! Once you withdraw your profit amount, you can reinvest the remaining balance! 


For Example:


You had invested a reward of 10$ in one of the Coin Sets.

And made a profit of 5$ and redeemed the same-

In the Funds Tab, you will see-

Fund Balance = 5$

Non - withdrawable funds  = 5$

Withdrawable funds = 0


In this case you will not be able to withdraw the profits because profit earned (5$) is below the reward amount (10$) and reward amount is non - withdrawable.

So, in this case, if you want to withdraw your profits, you need to redeem your complete investment made in the Coin Sets.

Lets say, you redeemed the total 15$-

Now, In the Funds Tab, you will see-

Fund Balance = 15$

Non - withdrawable funds  = 10$

Withdrawable funds = 5$


Now you will be able to withdraw the funds of 5$.


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