How can i be sure that my strategy will get executed on time?

At Mudrex, we use the best in class tech which helps us build fault-tolerant, highly scalable and concurrent systems which to scale to 10000's strategies running at a tick level in a cost-effective manner.

Our tech stack uses:

  • Python, Java, and Node for backend
  • Core DB is in MySQL 
  • Time series data for portfolio analysis etc. is stored in Mongo using a compression algo called Arctic on top 
  • Queuing infrastructure is built using Kafka, Celery and Rabbit MQ 
  • We use Redis for a universal cashing layer to deliver cached responses quickly 
  • for web sockets to communicate and transfer data to front-end 
  • ELK for alerting and monitoring 
  • Kong for handling access controls for our API platform 
  • React is being used for our web front end
  • We are deployed on AWS and use a combination of EC2, S3, and Lambda to process requests

This ensures that we are able to process requests and place orders in the fastest way possible.

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