What does the 'Candle History' parameter do?

Many times traders would like to take buy/sell decisions based on some indicator event that happened at an earlier candle period. For this use case, we have an advanced parameter called 'Candle History'

Candle history is available as an 'Advanced Parameter' in

  • Price block
  • Indicator block
  • Pattern Block 
  • Compare Block
  • Volume Block

You can check for value at 3 different kinds of previous candles

  • Exactly 'X' candles ago: Block value will be computed assuming the candles used in computing are offset by the amount
  • Any of the last 'X' candles: Block value will be computed on all the 'X' candles and if the condition is true on any of those then the block will be true
  • At last trade: Block value will be computed based on the candles used at the last trade

There is an additional flag 'Check from last trade'. When activated, only candles since the last buy/sell event will be taken into consideration. Any candles before that will be ignored.



For example, let us assume a user has the below strategy:

  • Buy when the price was below 5%, exactly 3 candles ago
  • Sell when the price is above 5%

For this, the buy price block is set up as:


The corresponding strategy would be set up as follow:

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