Traders create algos on the basis of some underlying hypothesis. Once created there needs to be a way to test and validate the hypothesis out. Backtesting helps you validate if your strategy is working as expected.

Once a strategy is created, running a backtest is easy. 

1. Click on backtest



2. You can then select the

  • Exchange
  • Market
  • Assets
  • Fees
  • Slippage
  • Candle period
  • Time period

to run the backtest. These parameters differ from market to market.



3. Run The Backtest

Once you run the backtest, it will take a few secs for the backtest to complete



4. Check Backtest Summary

You can check a summary of the results directly once the backtest result is finished


5. Change Result Conditions

We have some quick action buttons on the summary page that users can use to check results in different conditions. Users can play with the date range, leverage and fees here


6. View Details

To view details of a backtest and fine-tune creation, click on the 'View Details' button


7. Share your backtest results with the community


Users will be able to share their backtest results directly just by sharing the backtest link with friends or other members of the Mudrex community on Discord.

Just click on the backtest results and click on the share icon to share your results with friends.

Once you are satisfied with the results of the strategy, you can further test the strategy on paper trade.


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