Components of the Mudrex Visual Strategy Builder

The Mudrex Visual Strategy Builder is a simple drag and drop tool that enables users to create relatively complex strategies without writing code.

The strategy builder gives you access to 170+ Indicators and candlestick patterns that help you customize and create millions of strategies with relative ease.

The visual strategy builder has 3 key components


Strategy Canvas

This covers the major part of the screen and all operational activities for making your strategy are performed here.

To use a block a user simply needs to drag and drop the block into the canvas and click on it to edit the default parameters.

For connecting two blocks, a user needs to 'drag' the arrow attached to a block and drop it on the relevant block.


Strategy Blocks:

These are the square-shaped Icons on the right-hand side of the page after you click create strategy” button on the homepage.

Users can create a strategy using a combination of individual blocks. There are two types of blocks:

Condition Blocks

Condition blocks are of many different kinds. Currently, Mudrex supports 6 different kinds of conditional blocks:


Logic Blocks

A logic block helps a user combine different condition blocks to create complex strategies.

There are currently 4 logic blocks:




Block Paths

Whenever you connect 2 blocks a path/link is created in between them. The 'Paths' can be named so that traders can identify what that group of blocks can do. These paths can be used as a reference in the REF block so as to avoid cumbersome strategy making. 

Paths specifically connected to the BUY/SELL block can also be used to define actions that are to be taken when that path is triggered. 




Testing console

You can find a testing console at the bottom of the page. Once a strategy is created and saved, the user can run a 'Backtest' or deploy the strategy on 'Paper Trade' or 'Live Trade' using the control system. Users can arrange the parameters like Exchange to run the strategy, Markets where this strategy will be performing, assets, tick intervals and opening balance for this trade.

Users can also view the performance of their strategy and share the results with their friends.   





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