How can i be sure that the market data is correct?

We use a variety of sources to fetch, moderate and correct market data.

Data sources

Our primary source of data is the exchanges we are integrated with. Our data processing constantly keeps looking to fetch data, process it and make it available in near real-time.

For historical data, we work with some of the best data providers in the industry. Every data point is validated for accuracy and reliability.


We have sophisticated algorithms set up in the backend to verify the validity of our candle data and alerts are put up in case large amounts of data is missing or incorrect. In cases where data is missing or there are gaps, we manually fill in the gaps by looking at data from other sources, namely exchanges. 

You can directly compare data available on Mudrex with that on other exchanges and data providers. In case you find a discrepancy, do write to us at and we will get it fixed.






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