Where can I see the individual detailed results and trades my strategy suggested/made?

As a trader, you constantly want to improve the strategies you have built. To improve you need access to data about the trades your strategy did detailed analytical info about its processing.

We have a dedicated page to help the user view the results of a strategy and analysis and research more to make them better.

1. A short performance summary of your strategy is directly available when you open the backtest, paper trade or live trade run.



2. A user can then visit the result details page by clicking on the 'view details' icon

3.1. The results details page is divided into 4 sections. The first section gives you a summary


3.2 The second section gives you a PnL graph showing how much profit/loss your strategy made, along with trade logs.


3.3 The third section gives you finer access to trades and detailed logs



For more information, reach us at help@mudrex.com

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