How to setup 2-Factor Authentication using Google Auth

We take the security of your account very seriously and enabling 2-factor authentication is an important step towards making your account secure. You can follow the below simple steps to enable 2FA on your account

Step 1: Security Page

Visit the Security Page and click on Enable for 2 Factor Authentication


Step 2: Download the Google Auth App

Based on the device you carry, download the authentication app from Playstore or App Store and click 'Next'.



Step 3: Add the 2FA key

Launch the Google Auth app and add the key by either scanning the QR code directly from your app or manually add the 2-FA key.


On Google Auth: 


Step 4: Save the 2FA key securely

Note: Your 2FA key is critical. This is required to access your account on Mudrex in case you change your device. Kindly store this carefully!


Step 5: Validate your key

We need to make sure that the key is correct. Enter the details to validate your key.


Step 6: Manage preferences

Once verified, you can manage your preferences from this section. To ensure maximum security we have enabled all settings for you.

For any queries or issues, reach out to us at

Mudrex takes security seriously, so you can invest peacefully. Start with Mudrex today!


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