How do i add my Bitmex API Key?

Mudrex helps users trade securely by connecting their exchanges. You can add your Bitmex API key easily by following these steps:


Step 1:  Visit API Keys Page on Mudrex

Navigate to the API Keys page from the drop-down wallets menu, or visit the API Keys Page.



Step 2: Select Exchange

In the Exchange API Keys section, click on Add API Key and select Bitmex. Also, provide a name for the key for ease of use.



Step 3: Create API Key On Bitmex

After logging into your Bitmex Account, navigate to API Keys, and create your API Key.

Note: Ensure that you set key permissions to orderDo NOT tick on the withdraw box.



Step 4: Add Key To Mudrex

Once the key is generated, copy and paste the API key and the secret key in the dialog box on Mudrex



Once the key is added, Mudrex verifies if the key is correct or not. Verification generally takes less than a minute, and once verified, you can start trading with your Bitmex account!


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