Receive the error message “Can only save latest strategy version”. What do i do?


Why did this happen?

  • At Mudrex, each strategy has a version in the backend
  • Whenever you change the UI a new version gets created
  • As soon as the new version is created, the URL of the page on which you are gets updated to show the reference ID of the new version of the strategy
  • In some cases because of network failure, your strategy had a version that got updated but the frontend URL did not get updated
  • Any edits that you do to the current URL will always give this error

What to do to fix it?

  • To edit the strategy you need to visit the home page, refresh it and go to 'Build'
  • Once you click on the strategy, it will open in a new tab
  • The strategy can then be edited, and save it before you exit


What is Mudrex doing to improve this?

  • We are working on moving away from a reference ID-based URL to a Name-Based URL
  • Once this happens if you are on any version of the strategy, you will still be able to edit and update it. This feature will be launched along with strategy versioning.

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