In a lot of cases, users want to remove some strategies to reduce clutter from their main page. Archival is an easy way of doing that.


Users can very easily archive a strategy by clicking the 'Archive' button marked in red above.

Some frequently asked questions around archival below:

Q. What does 'Archive' do?

A. Archiving a strategy filters it out from all from frontend UI. You will stop seeing the strategy or its reference from

  • your 'My Strategies' section
  • any past Backtest runs, Paper runs
  • any past Live runs

Archiving is not deleting. The strategy is still stored on the backend. Just not visible on the front end.

Q. How can I access the strategy once archived?

A. There is currently no section on Mudrex to view your archived strategies. However, if you have the URL of the archived strategy then you can visit that URL to view the strategy.

Q. How long does the URL exist?

A. The URL will be available forever until Mudrex is live. We never delete the strategy.

Q. But I want to delete the strategy permanently. How can I do that?

A. We currently do not support deleting a strategy. In case you want to then do send us an email at with the

  • Sub: 'Delete my strategy'
  • Body: Share strategy details

It can take 4-6 weeks for us to delete the strategy permanently after which the URL will stop working.

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