Can I do shorting on Mudrex?

Yes, you can make shorting strategies on Mudrex. There are 3 different kinds of trading methods you can choose for trading: 

  • Long Only
  • Short Only
  • Long-Short

Read more about the available trading methods on Mudrex.

Below is the example of simple Algo to start with short trading:

Let's say you have the following conditions: 

Run a strategy in Short only mode mode

  • Open a short position when the price decreases by 3%.
  • Close the short position when the price increases by 5% in the previous candle.


This Algo, when converted to strategy in our visual strategy builder, looks like this:


After saving the strategy, we can choose the parameter for running the strategy on the testing console.

  • Select Bitmex/Deribit in the exchange filed using the drop-down menu from the list of available exchanges.


  • BTC market will be selected as default in the market section.
  • Choose the asset you want to trade using the drop-down menu(currently only supporting USD perpetual contracts).


  • Select tick interval using the drop-down fields.
  • Select the period of backtesting for your strategy.
  • Select a trading method for the strategy. (in this case, we are choosing short only).


  • Choose leverage for your strategy available options are from 1x to 100x.


  • Choose the starting balance for the strategy and click start test.

Start trading on Mudrex and choose from a wide variety of trading strategies. Start now!



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