A key component of the strategy builder is the 'logic block'. We have 3 core logic blocks, 'AND', "OR' and 'NOT'. Apart from these we also added 2 more logic blocks for advanced conditions that users need to set called the 'ANY' and 'EXACT' blocks. Details below:

ANY Block 

The 'AND' and 'OR' blocks help you apply multiple conditions together however they are fairly restrictive. The 'AND' block requires only all the connected conditions to be true and the 'OR' block requires just one. The 'ANY' block helps resolve that by helping you trigger an event when any/at least 'n' of 'm' connected conditions blocks are true.


EXACT Block 

Just like the 'ANY' block the 'EXACT' block triggers an event when multiple conditions connected to it are true. Sometimes you need exactly 'm' of 'n' conditions to be true. 'EXACT' block solves that problem.


To summarize:

ANY m out of n ==> atleast m out of n conditions are true. 
EXACT m out of n ==> exactly m out of n conditions are true

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