Mudrex provides traders with tools to create, test and deploy strategies for themselves.

With Mudrex, traders can now also earn by leasing their profitable strategies on the platform for other investors to invest for a subscription fee.

The Mudrex Invest hosts a set of high-quality trading bundles that get published only after a rigorous review process. Publishing/Listing on Mudrex Invest is open to everyone. In order to publish your bundle to Mudrex Invest, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1: Make a Bundle, test it and keep it ready

Building a profitable strategy requires time, energy and effort. Making a bundle requires you to think about how you can create strategies that work together in sync. You need to test it on various scenarios and optimize it. Once you have spent enough time on a bundle you can decide to publish it by clicking on the 'Publish' button.


Step 2: Read Best Practices

We have created a set of best practices that users should read before they publish their bundle. Following the best practices is important and significantly improves your chances of getting published.

Step 3: Fill the publish form with relevant details

Once you have gone through the best practices,  you need to fill up the review form and provide relevant information which sets the expectations of the users correctly.


You also have the option of saving a draft version until you are ready to submit the application.

Step 4: Submit for review

Once submitted for review, the Mudrex Review Council will go through the submission and inform you about the publishing status. If rejected, you will get a detailed reason why and will be able to re-submit.

We look forward to seeing your bundle live on the Mudrex Invest!


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