Can I manually trigger a buy/sell order when strategy is running?

Strategies are supposed to run in an automated way. Interrupting your strategy typically leads to more losses than gains. Having said that, in some scenarios, users do need to be able to enter a position or exit a position because of sudden price movements. Mudrex provides the facility to open a new position or close the current position depending on the trade you are doing.

Below is what you need to do:

Step 1: Open the paper/live run detailed page


Step 2: Review The Options

Based on the strategy you are running relevant options to enter/exit will be shown on the top right section.



Step 3: Select The Option

Select the option you want and then confirm in the confirmation dialog.



Once you confirm, Mudrex will instantaneously take the action you wanted. The order will be placed as a market order. Post placing the order the strategy will recalculate your result values over the next 30 sec and details will be updated.


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