The Algos section in Mudrex is a curated collection of high-quality trading bundles made by the best traders on Mudrex.

Investing in a bundle is very simple. Below are the steps you need to follow to invest in a Marketplace strategy.

Step 1: Select an Algo you want to invest in

There are multiple bundles that are listed on the Mudrex Invest for you to pick from based on your risk appetite, available exchanges, and preference. 


Step 2: Add your API keys

Users can go live on a marketplace strategy only after adding their API keys. Check out the exchanges supported by Mudrex.


Step 3: Add a payment method


Before you invest in a bundle you need to add a payment method to add your card. Mudrex has partnered with Stripe and CoinPayments and supports over 135 currencies, 30 crypto tokens and also Paypal.


You can either add your card or add credits to your Mudrex Balance. You can even add Mudrex balance using crypto or PayPal.

You can add a payment method by visiting the 'Payments' section in the profile dropdown.




Step 4: Invest funds and go live

Great you are now all set to go live! Click on Invest Now, allocate a budget, and sit back and relax! Mudrex will continue to monitor and execute trades as soon as a buy event is triggered.



Start investing with Mudrex is just a few easy steps. Happy Trading!

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