What is Mudrex Balance?

When you connect an API key to Mudrex, we do not hold any withdrawal permissions. Therefore, to pay for services on Mudrex, you need to add a payment method. Mudrex supports a variety of payment methods, ensuring that the payment experience is safe and secure for our users.


The easiest way to make payments is via credit cards. Once connected, Mudrex can use it for any purchase that you make on the platform automatically. In a lot of cases, users want to make payments via methods other than a credit card but other payment methods do not allow dor this auto-debit facility. 


Mudrex Balance enables users to make payments using other payment methods and also enable auto-debit. Think of Mudrex Balance as your prepaid wallet that can be used to prepay for various strategies you subscribe to. Once the amount is added to Mudrex Balance, Mudrex will auto deduct payments from Balance first. 

Mudrex Balance is also be used for other kinds of promotions such as referral, payouts to creators, etc.

Mudrex allows you to add Mudrex Balance in 3 ways.

  • Using a Card

  • Using Crypto

  • Using PayPal 


For further support, you can reach us at help@mudrex.com




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