Can I withdraw from Mudrex Balance?

Withdrawal from Mudrex Balance is possible however the below conditions need to be met:

  • Withdrawal can only happen as a refund to the original source of payment if the source of payment was a credit card or PayPal
  • Any amount added using crypto cannot be withdrawn
  • Withdrawal is a cost to Mudrex as all payment providers charge a fee. To cover these costs a flat $25 will be deducted from the account balance. As a result amounts <25 USD cannot be withdrawn. This cost will be levied every time a user requests a withdrawal.
  • Withdrawal can take up to 2 weeks to process.

To request a withdrawal, users should drop an email from their registered email id to with the following details.

Subject: Withdraw amount <USD amount> from my Mudrex Balance


Kindly Withdraw the <USD amount> $ from my Mudrex Balance and refund it back to the source of payment.



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