What is a Block Path and how can I use it?

The Mudrex Visual Strategy Editor uses different kinds of blocks to create strategy conditions. These conditions can be further combined to create complicated strategies. To combine such conditions, the user connects different kinds of blocks with each other. Whenever two blocks are connected a 'Path' is created between them.

Hence the connection between any two blocks is called a 'PATH'.



Path Naming

You can name any path that you want. Path naming is useful for users to identify what a particular path does. To name a Path, just double click it and enter the name you want in the dialog that comes up




Path Actions

Paths that are connected to the BUY/SELL block are special paths because those are the final leg in the decision-making process of the strategy.  Users can use these paths to define complex entry/exit actions based on the conditions. You can read more about path actions.

Eg: Path actions for paths connected to the BUY block


Both BUY and SELL blocks have different path actions associated.



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