Strategy building is an iterative process and many times strategies have multiple different conditions that are needed to be checked before a buy/sell happens. Users create multiple paths and each combining different blocks which can make the entire visual setup very very cluttered.

To reduce the clutter and give traders the ability to manage their strategies better we have built a function to expand/collapse a path

How to Expand/collapse a path?

Let's say in a complex strategy, has a complicated set of conditions to enter long. The user now wants to collapse the 'Long entry' path.


All the user needs to do is click on the path and then click on the 'collapse' icon (marked in a red box below)


On Collapsing, all the blocks fall in and are hidden from the UI. They can again be expanded by simply clicking on the 'expand' icon


The interesting part is that when a collapsed path is moved, all blocks behind it move in sync. So the UI state is always retained. You can also copy a collapsed path or delete it and all constituent blocks will get copied or deleted automatically.

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