What are the benefits in the Mudrex Referral Program?

Mudrex Referral program helps nudge current users of Mudrex to get other users on board. When a user signs up and starts using Mudrex, both the user and the referrer get the benefits outlined below:

Benefits to Referred User

  • The 'User' gets 25 USD credits in Mudrex balance directly on signup.
  • These credits can then be used on the Mudrex platform to subscribe to strategies on the Mudrex marketplace
  • Credits can also be used to subscribe to platform plans

Benefits to Referrer

  • Whenever the 'User' does any spend on Mudrex, Mudrex adds 50% of that amount directly to the Referrer's Mudrex Balance
  • This payment is only valid for the first 3 months of the User's lifecycle on Mudrex. Post 3 months no incentives are given
  • If the Referrer manages to onboard lots of users and amasses credits worth>500 USD they can request a credit withdrawal. Detailed instructions about withdrawals can be found here.

For any support, reach us at help@mudrex.com

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