How do I add my OKEx key?


Mudrex helps users trade securely by connecting their exchanges. You can use Mudrex to trade on the OKEx exchange for both spot and futures. For both the assets you just need one API key, and it can be easily added by following these steps:

Step 1:  Visit API Keys Page on Mudrex

Navigate to the API Keys page from the drop-down wallets menu, or visit the API Keys Page.



Step 2: Select Exchange

In the Exchange API Keys section, click on Add API Key and select OKEx Spot and Futures. Also, provide a name for the key for ease of use.



Step 3: Update Account Mode on OKEx

Mudrex requires your OKEx account mode to be set to "Single-currency margin". Follow the steps below to set it.

1. Log in to your OKEx account and go open the Basic Trading section via the Trade option in the top menu.


2. Open trading settings by clicking the icon shown below.


3. Select Account mode under Settings.


4. Set your account mode to "Single-currency margin" by clicking on the Activate button shown below.




Step 4: Create API Key on OKEx

After logging into your OKEx account, navigate to API from your Account menu.



Click the Create V5 API key button and enter the required details. Make sure you follow the below points:

  1. The password will be required to be entered on Mudrex, so keep it handy.
  2. Ensure that 'Read' and 'Trade' permissions are provided.
  3. Copy the IP addresses that you see on Mudrex and paste them under the IP address field. API keys without IP addresses are automatically deleted if you don’t use them for 30 days.



Step 5: Add Key to Mudrex

On clicking Confirm, you will see the API key and secret.



Copy and paste the API key and the secret, and enter the password in the dialog box on Mudrex.




Once the key is added, Mudrex checks the connection and shows errors, if any.

In case you face any issues or problems, just follow the steps specified in the below video

How to add Okex API key

If the issue continues, reach us at

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