Connecting your exchange account with Mudrex

Mudrex is built to help you invest in cryptocurrencies. To begin investing, you need to own some crypto. Depending on where you are in your crypto journey, you can choose either of the following options.

  1. If you already own crypto:
  2. If you don't own crypto (available for everyone outside US)

This document walks you through the process of connecting your exchange account with Mudrex.

Once you connect your exchange account, Mudrex will have the permission to place buy and sell orders using the funds in that exchange account on your behalf. These orders will be placed corresponding to the investments you make after connecting your exchange account on Mudrex.

Note that your funds will always remain in your exchange account. Mudrex does not have withdrawal permissions. As a result, connecting your exchange account via API Keys makes it super easy and secure. Following exchanges are supported:


Step-by-step guides for connecting supported exchanges are listed below. Refer to the guide respective to your exchange.

In case your exchange is not supported, you can buy crypto on the exchange of your choice and deposit it in your Mudrex Wallet to start investing.


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