Live/Paper trading using external Signals

Once you have set up your signal strategy and signals have started to come in, you can live test these signals. To do live testing you can either start a paper run or put real money on it and start a live run.


Running A Paper Run

You can start a paper run by going to the 'Paper trades tab' and clicking on Start paper run. Once you start a paper run, a summary and quick link will appear in the section below. You can start as many paper runs as you want. Read more about paper trades.


Running A Live Run

Running a live run is identical to running a paper except that before going live you need to tell us the balance you want to start with. When you click on the 'Start Live Run' button, a dialog will appear where you can enter the balance you want to start with and then pay the fees if any. Just like paper runs, you can start as many live runs as you want and manage them individually.



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Test your trades with paper runs before running them live, with Mudrex.

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