Automating an alert from a "Study" on TradingView

Tradingview allows users to send webhook based alerts to any external system. Using Mudrex, you can now automate the alerts and send signals directly to an external signal-based strategy.


1. Add alert conditions to your Study

TradingView has some default alert conditions already setup based on the indicator values. having said that in a lot of cases with custom indicators you might want a custom alert condition to be setup. In that case you might want to add sample code like below

alertcondition(entry_long, title="Alert 1")
alertcondition(exit_long, title="Alert 2")

alertcondition(entry_short, title="Alert 3")
alertcondition(exit_short, title="Alert 4")

2. Setting up alerts using the TradingView alert dialog

You need to click on the 'Alert' icon. This icon shows up in multiple places. Here is how it shows up in the top panel



On clicking the add alert icon, a dialog box will open up. In the Dialog box make sure that you set the webhook URL and the alert message correctly. 



You will have to set up an alert for each of your alert conditions separately.

Note: One of the most common mistakes is to not add quotes (i.e. sending id instead of "id"). Pls make sure that this is added.


3. Go live!

Once you create an alert and save it, Mudrex will be ready and waiting for the alert to come in. You can now either let the alerts accumulate or start a paper/live run.


If you need any help using Mudrex then please feel free to write to us at

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