Locked balance cannot be used for paying investment fees or platform subscriptions.

Locked balance is the sum of amount that is paid out to you but cannot be used until certain criteria are met. Currently, there is only one criteria which is Mudrex protect refund. This has been explained case by case below.

Case 1 - You referred a friend who made their first investment in an algo. The algo that your friend chose to invest in is under Mudrex Protect Refund. As per the referral program, you get 50% of the fees paid by your friend in your prepaid wallet for the first three months. Since the algo is under Mudrex Protect, your referral bonus will be under locked balance.

Case 2 - You are a creator and your algo has Mudrex Protect active. All your commissions payout will be under locked balance.

When does your balance get unlocked?

At the end of mudrex protect refund period. Currently, the mudrex protect period is 1 month. Therefore, your locked balance will either move to available balance or will be deducted on the 1st of next month.

It will move to available balance if there was no refund is triggered for the algo.

It will be deducted from the locked balance if there was a refund triggered for the algo.

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