Available balance is the balance that can be used to pay investment fees on Mudrex or purchase platform subscription (https://mudrex.com/account/subscription)

Below are the cases where available balance is credited -

  1. Sign up - If you signed up using a referral link, $25 worth of sign up credits will be under available balance

  2. Add money - If you manually add funds to your prepaid wallet using your card or coin payments.

  3. Referral - You referred a friend who made their first investment in an Algo. The Algo that your friend chose to invest in is not under Mudrex Protect Refund. As per the referral program, you get 50% of the fees paid by your friend for the first three months in your prepaid wallet. As soon as your friend completes their investment, your available balance will be credited by the appropriate amount

  4. Creator commission - You are a creator and your Algo does not have Mudrex Protect active. All your commission payouts will be under available balance every time a investor subscriber allocates funds to your algo.

    All refunds by default will be made to available balance.

    Additionally, your locked balance will move to available balance under certain conditions. Read about Locked Balance to know when.

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