How to deposit crypto to your Mudrex Spot wallet?

Depositing cryptocurrency on Mudrex is extremely easy. You just need to follow these steps:

Step 1:

Login to Mudrex app and navigate to "Funds" and select "Add Funds".

Step 2:

Select "Crypto" and click on "Continue".

Step 3:

After that, choose a deposit network. Please double-check that the network you've chosen matches the network of the platform from which you're withdrawing funds. You will lose money if you choose the wrong network.

Step 4:

Click to copy your Wallet’s deposit address and paste it to the address field on the platform you intend to withdraw crypto from.

Note: After confirming the withdrawal request, it takes time for the transaction to be confirmed. The confirmation time varies depending on the blockchain and its current network traffic.


For any other query, please raise a ticket!


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