How to Buy Crypto on Mudrex using Fiat currency?


Buying cryptocurrency on Mudrex using Fiat Currency is extremely easy. You just need to follow these steps:


Step 1: Open Mudrex Wallet

Navigate to the Mudrex Wallet to make your purchase.

Step 2: Click on Buy


Step 3: Select the amount of fiat currency or cryptocurrency you wish to buy

Select_Fiat.png'Slippage' tells you how much the price can fluctuate, compared to the market price at the time of actual purchase. 'Processing Time' is how long your payment takes for that payment method.

Note: In case you are purchasing crypto via Mudrex for the first time, you will be prompted to complete your KYC. Refer to the “How to complete KYC” for more details.


Step 4: Make Payment

Follow the instructions given for the payment method you are using. Note that for GBP, INR and EUR bank transfers you will need to make the payment yourself. For these three currencies, the amount will not be automatically deducted from your account.

Once the order is complete, the crypto will reflect in your Mudrex wallet

Note: Some payment methods are instant, but some can take up to 2 working days. You can check the order status by navigating to Mudrex Wallet > History > Buy.

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