Whitelisting the Mudrex IPs on Binance

To improve the security of user accounts, Binance made it mandatory to whitelist APIs for Spot and Margin Trading. You can read more about it in the below article.


Important:  If you don’t do it then Mudrex will soon lose access to place trades on your behalf and your investments made using this account will be paused.

How to Whitelist Mudrex APIs :-

1. Copy the below IP Addresses of Mudrex.


  1. Go to API Management Section on your Binance Account.



  1. If you haven’t created an API yet, use Create API or Click on Edit restrictions, if you have already created the API for Mudrex.


  1. Select “Restrict APIs to trusted IPs only” and add the above-copied IP address in the text box and click “Confirm”. Make sure the IPs are separated by space. 


  1. Click on the Save button and you are ready to go. The IP addresses should look as in the screenshot below.

For additional support, reach us at help@mudrex.com


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