How do I add API keys of FTX on Mudrex?

You can very easily connect FTX to Mudrex by following the below steps:

1. Go to and click on your profile name on the top right. Next, click on Settings.



2. Under Settings, click on "API".  Click on "CREATE API KEY"



3. You should see a popup as shown below. Do not close this popup. Open in a new tab.  



4. Login to Mudrex. Navigate to the Wallet dropdown and click on Connect Exchange.


5. Click on "Add API Key" and select "FTX Spot and Futures". Enter any name for your API Key and Click Next.



6. On the tutorial screen, scroll down and click "Next".



7. Copy the API Key and Secret from the FTX popup and paste it in the below dialog box open on Mudrex. Click Submit and your key should appear on the Connect exchange page. You should also see the status as "Active" for the added key.

In case you wish to add a subaccount, select the "Is this a subaccount?" box and enter the name of the subaccount in the box below it. Make sure the name of the subaccount is exactly same as the subaccount on FTX.


Note: Please make sure your API Key has enabled Trading Permissions and you have verified your FTX account.



Happy investing with FTX!


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