Algos are passive investment assets. Each Algo is an intelligent bot built by an expert trader which automatically trades in crypto markets 24x7. Algos help you grow your crypto by giving you controlled exposure to markets. Read further to understand how Algos work in deeper detail.

Use volatility of crypto markets for gains

Crypto markets are known to be volatile. What if you could buy when the market is going up, and sell at the peak? Yes, you would book profits. Simply put, this is what Algos do. And since crypto markets are volatile, such opportunities are abundant.

Bundles of strategies

An Algo is formed by using a bundle of trading strategies. Each strategy contains logic blocks which decide when to buy or sell on a particular market (for example, BTC/USD) using technical indicators. For an Algo, the percentage of funds to be traded using each strategy is also decided by the Algo creator. This allows diversification and hedging across multiple markets.

Which currencies can I invest in Algos?

You can invest with stablecoins (USD, USDT, USDC etc…) using Mudrex. Investing in stablecoins is particularly interesting, since this allows you use crypto markets to grow your money while you hold your investments in USD. Some Algos on Mudrex also let you invest via cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP etc..) This is just like investing in a stock, but multifold better because of the opportunity in crypto markets.

What happens to my money when I invest in Algos?

When you invest in an Algo, your funds are traded using buy/sell signals generated by the strategies in the Algo. This happens automatically and 24x7 based on the logic built by the creator. You will have exposure to the market only when the Algo has opened a trade. In the remaining time period when there are no open positions, your funds are maintained in the currency you choose to invest in.

How do I start investing?

You can simply buy cryptocurrency on Mudrex using your credit/debit card. Visit to buy. Once you have bought it, invest it in the Algos of your choice.

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