Mudrex offers varieties of Coin sets based on different themes. The minimum amount of allocation in each Coin Sets ranges from 100-350 USDT.

Why is there a minimum amount?
The minimum amount is something that is fixed by the exchanges. In most of the exchanges, the minimum order amount, which can be placed for any token, is ~15 USD.

Thus because of this, there is a minimum allocation amount in Coin Sets which is basically dependent on the percentage allocation of the lowest coin in a Coin Set.


Let’s consider a  Coin Sets which has 4 tokens and the percentage allocation to each token is 50%, 25%, 20% and 5% respectively. Here as the lowest allocation in any token is 5 % of the total value of the Coin set, hence the minimum amount of allocation in the Coin sets needs to be at least 300 USD in order to satisfy the minimum order value requirement set by any exchange.


Here are some Coin Sets with a minimum allocation below $150



Min Allocation

Link to Invest


VC 6

100 USDT

Click here


Best Exchanges

120  USDT

Click here 



100  USDT

Click here


Raging Bulls

150  USDT

Click  here


Gordon’s Long Term Pick

100 USDT

Click here


To The Mooooon 

150 USDT

Click here 

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