How to transfer USDT from CoinDCX to Mudrex Wallet?

Step 1:  Visit Mudrex Wallet Page on Mudrex

Navigate to the Mudrex Wallet page from the drop-down wallets menu, or visit the Mudrex Wallet




Step 2: Select Deposit

Click on deposit.



Step 3: Select coin: 

Select USDT from the dropdown or search USDT. You have to choose the same network allowed by CoinDCX.




Step 4: Opening wallet on CoinDCX:

After logging in, hover to Pro and click on Spot.



Click on Withdraw to open wallet



Step 5: Selecting Coins:

Select USDT from the list.





Check the network name and add the same network in Mudrex (Step 3). Add volume/amount you want to withdraw, fill the correct wallet address as you can see in Step 3 and add your CoinDCX withdrawal password.




Click on SEND  to complete the transaction.


You can refer to this video to know more:


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