How do I make fee payments for my investments on Mudrex?

Creators often charge a small monthly fee for investments that you make in the products they create like  Algos on Mudrex. There are a number of ways that fees can be paid and Mudrex automatically follows a hierarchy for these steps that we go through to collect fees. They are:

  • Prepaid Wallet: Just like Mudrex Wallet, you get access to a prepaid wallet on Mudrex. You can keep a certain pre-allocated amount in this wallet and Mudrex will automatically deduct the fee amount from your prepaid wallet whenever due, without any hassles.
  • Cards: If you are short on funds in your prepaid wallet, you can pay the fee using cards. You can add your cards on Mudrex and use them for a seamless experience as well.
  • Mudrex Wallet: If either of the above options fail, the fee is deducted from your Mudrex spot or Mudrex futures wallet and this is only considered as a last resort.

Note: Mudrex promptly informs you of any pending fee payments and a message will also be displayed on your dashboard to indicate the same. We remind you 7 days prior to considering any other options like stopping investments, giving you plenty of time in case you might be running a bit late on fee payments.

Can I make my fee payments using Crypto?

Fee payments can be made using 3 options - Prepaid Wallet, Cards and Mudrex Wallets/Spot assets. Mudrex exhausts these options one by one, starting from the prepaid wallet then moving to cards and finally using wallet funds/spot assets to fulfil the fee requirements. So yes, fee payments can be made using crypto, given that other two options have been exhausted & have been unable to fulfil the fee requirements.

What does it cost me additionally when i pay for a strategy?

Mudrex only charges money for the subscription in USD.

Your purchase incurs no transaction fee, no membership fee, no currency conversion fee, no foreign transaction fee, and no other fees.

Your card issuer, however, may add foreign transaction fees, as well as any other fees described in the terms and conditions for your card.

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