How do I understand the performance of a Coin Set?

Coin Sets are baskets of crypto tokens based on an idea or theme. Along those lines, the best way to invest in a Coin Set  is to invest in the ones that are based on themes that resonate with you. Still, there are some other factors that you can keep in mind to make a much more informed decision.

  • Returns: Everyone has an expectation of the kinds of returns they are looking for from their investments. On the Coin Set page you can find information on the kind of returns that the Coin Set has given in the past and that can be an important factor in your decision making. However, it is also important to understand that risk and returns often go hand-in-hand, so you should also keep in mind your risk appetite while making your investment decision.
  • Constituents: It is also advised to understand what are the tokens that make up a Coin Set and how their individual performance in the past has been. A higher number of constituents would also imply better diversification in the Coin Set and thus reduced risk. 

Note: Coin Sets are actively rebalanced to make sure that the constituents are the best ones to represent the theme and also provide optimal returns.


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