My Coin Set Investment redemption is currently stuck, what do I do?

While placing an order for a Coin Set, in rare cases you might find that your requests have not been cleared immediately or in a short while. In such cases of allocations/withdrawals getting stuck, one of the two following reasons is most likely to have caused this hindrance.

  • Unavailability of/Insufficient Funds: If while placing the order, some other order has been executed in such a way that the current order does not have sufficient funds for its fulfilment, then the order might get stuck.
  • Technical difficulties while placing order on exchange: Any orders that you place on Mudrex are communicated further to the exchange, where they are executed. If during the process any technical issues arise, the allocation/withdrawal might temporarily get stuck.

If due to any reason your order in a Coin Set has been stuck, you will see a message displayed on the Coin Set page mentioning that your allocation/withdrawal is in progress.

But, what to do if your order is stuck? Mostly, such cases are cleared within 24 hours and you can take your investing back to full swing soon. However, if your order has been stuck for more than 24 hours, you can reach out to and our team would be more than happy to look into the matter and resolve the issue.


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