FAQ Regarding Interest Income

On what tokens do I earn Interest?

You earn Interest on every token in your Mudrex crypto wallet. It might be BTC, ETH, LUNA, MATIC, USDT, USDC, etc.


In what currency is the Interest credited?

The Interest is credited in USDT.


I invested some amount in a Coin Set. Will I still earn the Interest?

Yes! Your money can be invested in any product on Mudrex, and it will still earn Interest!


Is my 14% Interest Guaranteed?

We are committed to keeping the returns stable and as high as possible. Having said that, it is likely that this will change in the future. In either case, we will inform you about the change, and you can withdraw at any time!


Are there any lock-ins?

Nope! You can withdraw at any time!


How frequently is the Interest credited?

Every Day! You can see the number move on your dashboard!


Is my money 100% secure?

As the saying goes, there are “no free lunches.” Risks are real, and the only way to make consistent returns is to diversify across these different risk products and keep looking for more opportunities.

We have perfected this over the last year and a half. We will-

  • Diversify across multiple approaches
  • Wherever possible, we will purchase insurance to reduce the risk using products like Fireblocks, Nexus Mutual, Unslashed, etc.
  • Enforce strict transfer checks

As a result, nothing is 100% secure, but this is as good as it gets!


Question- How will Mudrex Interest Account evolve in the future?

At Mudrex, our goal is to simplify crypto investing and bring crypto's capital efficiency to the world. We believe users should have the right to understand risks and choose to earn rewards according to that risk. As a result, in the future, we will-

  • Give users the option to choose a low/medium/high-risk bucket
  • To provide higher rates for long-duration lock-ins
  • Provide the ability to opt-out


For additional information, reach us at help@mudrex.com

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