How do I invest in Coin Sets?

To start investing in Coin Sets, visit


To be able to invest, you need to have some Stable coins (USDT, USDC, BUSD or USD) balance in your account.

If you don’t have any Stable coins balance, you can either buy it or convert your holding to Stable coins. To buy Stable coins , use the “Buy” option on

In order to buy USDT in your Mudrex Spot Wallet, refer to the below article for your further guidance-Easy-Steps-To-Be-Followed-To-Buy-Deposit-In-your-Mudrex-Wallet


Once you have Stable coins in your account, click on the Coin Set of your choice and select ‘One time Investment” or “Recurring Investment”.



Enter the amount you want to invest, and continue with the confirmation. Your allocation will complete in a few seconds, and the screen will refresh to show you the invested amount.

In order to place a one-time investment order? Refer to the below article- 

In order to place a Recurring Investment order? Refer to the below article- 


For any other query, please raise a ticket!

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