How do I invest in Coin Sets?

To be able to invest, you need to have USDT balance in your account.

To buy USDT , use the "Add Funds” option.

In order to buy USDT in your Mudrex Spot Wallet, please make a "Bank Deposit" or "Crypto Deposit"!

Once you have USDT in your account, click on the Coin Set of your choice and select "Invest". Then proceed with your preferred option- ‘One time Investment” or “Recurring Investment”.



Enter the amount you want to invest, and continue with the confirmation. Your allocation will complete in a few seconds, and the screen will refresh to show you the invested amount.

In order to place a one-time investment order, refer to the below article- 

In order to place a Recurring Investment order, refer to the below article- 


For any other query, please raise a ticket!

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