Why was my KYC rejected?

KYC verification could have failed for any of the following possible reasons:

  1. Details you entered didn’t match with the details on the images of the documents you have submitted.

  2. Submitted images were blurred or have too much glare making the text on the images difficult to read.

  3. Submitted images are missing a required detail.

  4. Documents belong to a minor, i.e., below 18 years of age.

  5. KYC with the same set of documents (Multiple KYC).

In order to prevent such errors, please ensure to follow the guidelines provided below:
For Selfies:

  1. Please make sure the lighting is proper.

  2. Avoid using any filters or image editing software on the image.

  3. Do not crop your selfie. Align your face in the oval shape visible on the screen and click the picture.

  4. Avoid wearing spectacles or glasses for the picture.

For Documents:

  1. All required sides of the document and the characters in it should be clearly visible.

  2. Only submit images of the original documents. Photocopies or scanned documents are not accepted.

  3. Please upload a high-quality image with clear text and without any glare or blur.

  4. Your name should match the name on the document. The order, abbreviations (if any), and spellings of the first name and the last name you entered in the fields should be the same as they are in the documents you have uploaded.

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