What if I forget to use a tag/memo?

If you forgot to use a Tag OR Memo (e.g., BNB, XLM, XRP, EOS, etc.) or used the wrong one, your deposit will not be credited.
If the memo is missing or incorrectly entered, contact the Mudrex support team with the transaction hash and an image of the wallet deposit (not the explorer's image).

What is a transaction hash?

A crypto hash (also known as the tx/transaction ID) is a blockchain transaction's unique address. The hash is typically a combination of numerals and lowercase (uppercase in Ripple) letters that serve as proof of payment.

Where do I find the transaction hash?

Adding a transaction hash is really simple. When you make a payment, you'll see a hash in your wallet where you sent the coins. An explorer should be used to locate Hash in a blockchain. You may be asked to provide a hash by our Mudrex Support Team. It may be necessary to locate your payment and, if necessary, rectify any concerns.

What should I do if I can't find the transaction hash in the sender's wallet?

If you can’t find the transaction hash, we are glad to help you. Please contact the wallet's support team from where the funds were sent for assistance in locating the transaction hash in the wallet.

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