I am not able to deposit in INR? When will it be started?

Deposits in Indian rupees have been temporarily paused for the time being.

We're having some issues with our partner bank, so we can't process any INR transactions right now.

After 24 hours, please update our app to begin depositing in Mudrex with a better experience!


Already deposited but not received the amount yet?

We are facing some issues with our partner bank due to which we are not able to process your INR transaction.

You can rest assured; we are taking this seriously. Your funds are safe at Mudrex, we will be processing the funds in your Mudrex wallet on 9th May, 2022.


Added wrong UTR?

If you have placed an order with the incorrect UTR or your Mudrex wallet is not credited by 6th Apr, you can rest assured, Your money will revert to your bank by 9th May, 2022 max!

Appreciate your co-operation!



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