How to add funds on Mudrex with INR?

Important Note: To add funds to your Mudrex account, use only IMPS/UPI modes to complete your bank transfer. Transferring funds using NEFT/RTGS will be rejected.

To add funds to your account on Mudrex, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Mudrex App, and go to the profile section on your Mudrex app.

  2. You will see your current balance with an add funds button. Click on this button to start the funds' addition process.

  3. Fill in the amount you want to transfer and select "Choose the payment method.”

  4. Please select the bank transfer option to view the banking details of Mudrex's bank account

  5. The bank details screen shows the details of the bank account to which the funds transfer has to be done. Please copy these details on your banking/UPI app to complete the transfer.

  6. Transfer the exact amount that you have entered on Mudrex. Once you make a successful transaction, the bank will acknowledge you with a UTR/Transaction number via mail, text message, and the successful transfer screen, depending on your bank.

  7. Switch to the Mudrex app, enter the UTR/Transaction reference number you received after the transaction, and click "I have transferred.”

Your funds will be credited into your wallet typically within 15 minutes. In some cases, this could take up to 24 hours due to delays from Mudrex's banking partners in confirming transfers



Please ensure you transfer funds only from the bank account registered on Mudrex; transferring funds from any other bank account or a UPI ID not registered in your name may lead to the rejection of the fund's addition, and a refund will be initiated within 30 days

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