How to Add Funds on Mudrex with INR?

Important Note: Please ensure that you use Banking Apps (eg: YONO, HDFC Bank) or NetBanking etc. only to make your funds transfer.

To add funds to your Mudrex Wallet using NEFT/ RTGS/ IMPS using your Banking Apps/ Netbanking. please follow these steps - 

Step 1:


Log into the Mudrex App, go to "Funds" and select "Add Funds".

Step 2:


Select "Bank Transfer" and click on "Continue".

Step 3:


Fill in the amount you want to transfer and select "Add Funds".

Step 4:


Add the bank details shown on Mudrex App as a beneficiary in your banking app/NetBanking

Step 5:

Transfer the exact amount that you have entered on Mudrex. Once you make a successful transaction, the bank will acknowledge you with a UTR/Transaction number via mail or text message.

What's a UTR number, and where can I find it? 

Step 6:

Switch to Mudrex app and Enter the UTR/Transaction reference number, you received after the transaction and click on "I have transferred".

Your funds will be credited into your wallet within the next 24 hours.



Please keep in mind that the bank account you see on Mudrex may change at any time. Please double-check that you've added the Mudrex app's bank account as a beneficiary on the same day you are transferring. If the Mudrex bank account shown to you differs from the one you previously added, please do not transfer funds to that account as it may result in loss of funds.

For any other query, please raise a ticket!


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