How to add funds to Mudrex Wallet with INR using NEFT/RTGS?

To add funds to your Mudrex Wallet using NEFT, please follow these steps - 

1. Login into your bank application or net banking website of your bank

2. Add the bank account shown on Mudrex App as a beneficiary in your account. 

If you wish to know how to add a beneficiary, please google "How to add beneficiary <your bank name>"

3. Beneficiary addition usually takes 30 minutes but may depend on your bank. This is a one time step. 

Please note that the bank account that you see on Mudrex may change. Please ensure you have added the bank account shown to you on the Mudrex app as a beneficiary today. Please do not transfer funds to an account you had added previously in case the Mudrex bank account shown to you is different.

4. If you see the following disclaimer on the app, select NEFT as the transfer method only. 


5. Transfer the exact amount that you have entered on Mudrex. 

6. NEFT transfers usually take 2 hours to complete.

7. Once you have received a confirmation from the bank that your NEFT transfer is successful, 

  • Open your Mudrex App
  • Go to Add funds
  • Enter the amount that you had transferred and click Continue
  • Enter the UTR (transaction reference) that your bank has generated 
  • Click "I have transferred"

    To know how to get UTR, you can click here -

8. Your funds will be credited into your wallet within the next 24 hours. 

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