Why hasn’t my Crypto deposit been credited?

Transferring funds from an external platform to Mudrex involves three steps:

  1. Withdrawal from the external platform

  2. Blockchain network confirmation

  3. Funds credited to the platform/wallet to which you're withdrawing your cryptocurrency

An asset withdrawal marked as “completed” or “success” in the platform you're withdrawing your crypto from means that the transaction was successfully broadcast to the blockchain network. However, it may take some time for that transaction to be confirmed and credited to the platform from which you're withdrawing your cryptocurrency. The number of "network confirmations" required varies depending on the blockchain.

Please wait patiently for the transaction to be processed if it has not yet been confirmed by the blockchain network nodes or has not yet reached the minimum number of network confirmations specified by our system. Mudrex will credit the funds to your account once the transaction has been confirmed.

If the transaction is confirmed by the blockchain but not credited to your Mudrex account, kindly re-check the network you have transferred and the wallet address in the blockchain explorer.

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