Investments done using CoinSets Exchange API

This post is to inform you that we have rebuilt the entire investing experience on the Mudrex App for you and have decided to rebuild Mudrex Website for our pro-trader audience.
During this phased rebuilding, users will no longer be able to use the Mudrex Website for investing in Coin Sets, and all investments in Coin Sets using Exchange API keys will be stopped. During the entire time and post this transition:
Mudrex Website will support:
  1. Creating your strategies
  2. Backtesting and paper trading
  3. Connecting new exchanges
  4. Going live with your own Algo strategies
The App will support:
  1. KYC
  2. Investing in Coin Sets via Mudrex Wallet
  3. Buying and selling crypto from local currencies
  4. More products like fixed returns wallet
To continue your investments in Coin Sets, we recommend you remove all investments in Coin Sets using Exchange API keys and, switch to Mudrex Wallet. Please follow these steps to migrate to Mudrex Wallet:
  1. Remove your allocation from the invested Coin Set
  2. Transfer funds from your exchange wallet to your Mudrex Wallet
  3. Invest in the same Coin Set using your Mudrex Wallet balance
If you have any questions, please raise a ticket in the Help & Support section, and we will get back to you.
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